This year's Clarinet Holiday Tune-up Is Now Closed

(However, if you are really disappointed and missed the deadline, send us an email at [email protected])

Here is what you get in the 7-Day Clarinet Holiday Tune-Up

Day 1: Theme - Beautiful Tone 

  • Tone Warm-ups
  • Silent Night - arranged just for Clarinet Mentors for Clarinet Duet (or solo) and piano.
  • Downloadable music and piano accompaniment recording for you to play along with
  • Bonus: What You Need To Know About Clarinet Reeds

Day 2: Theme  - Lighter, Faster, Fingers

  • Training: How Do We Move Our Fingers Faster and More Accurately?
  • Trepak from the Nutcracker for solo clarinet
  • Il Est Né, le Divin Enfant - clarinet and piano

  • Bonus: Clarinet Mentors Complete Scale Patterns Book

Day 3: Theme - Lighter, Faster Tonguing

  • Lesson: How To Sound Better While Tonguing
  • Spring from the Four Seasons for solo clarinet
  • Bonus: Stop Tongue Staccato - a skill every clarinetist should learn

Day 4: Theme - O Come and Sound Beautiful

  • Improve tone with the Whisper Technic - try this out
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel for solo clarinet

Day 5: Greensleeves and Better Hands and Fingers!

  • Left Hand Legato
  • Right Hand Legato
  • Greensleeves - Another custom arrangement for Clarinet Mentors - comes with a downloadable piano accompaniment audio track for you to play along with
  • Bonus: What you need to know about your left hand that is key to moving from low notes to high notes

Day 6: Theme - Carolling In Merry Measure

  • Articulation Patterns - the key to faster and more flexible tonguing
  • Carol Of The Bells - here is a great clarinet trio for you to play with me, and me, or with two of your friends!

Day 7: Theme Clarinet Checkup

  • Clarinet Checklist - your quick way to evaluate if you are on the right track with the most important clarinet habits that will keep you sounding good
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas - a fun clarinet quartet for you to play with me (and me, and me) or with a group of friends. The melody works great as a solo piece as well.
  • Bonus: The Clarinet Mentors Practise Planner to help you stay on track after you complete this course



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