Do you want to play clarinet more easily and avoid the most common mistakes that make performers frustrated, fingers clumsy, and tone squawky?

Please enjoy my gift to you of some free clarinet video lessons that will help you to play the clarinet more easily.

The Clarinet Is Easy Lesson Series has been designed after years of study to share with you the best ways to:

  1. Play high notes with good tone (and to play ALL notes with good tone)
  2. The best habits to learn the music you like much more quickly, and to master the instrument without the most common bad habits that slow most people down
  3. How to properly position your hands and fingers for the smoothest playing and fastest technique
  4. For beginners, how to learn properly, from the start, so that you progress much faster
  5. How to produce a smooth sound as you move more easily between lower notes and higher notes
  6. How to tongue well, quickly, and in a variety of styles
  7. How to read music properly


If you sign up for the Clarinet Is Easy preview videos, you will receive 5 free preview videos on a variety of clarinet-related topics that should help you play more easily. The first one will appear in your email inbox as you soon as you register and confirm your interest. There is no charge for these. They are my gift to you to help you to play the clarinet more easily.


Michelle Anderson clarinet

- Michelle Anderson (Professional clarinetist and teacher for 30 years)