Do you want your clarinet high notes to be easier to play and sound better?

High notes are one of the easiest things on clarinet to improve, if you know how. Playing high notes sometimes feels like the scariest, and most dangerous thing that we do on the clarinet. Wouldn't it be nice if it felt easier and more comfortable for you? Most of our problems with clarinet high notes come from not knowing how to use our air and mouth (embouchure) to best enhance our playing. Many clarinetists also do not realize that their hands and fingers are not aligned properly for clarinet, making moving between notes much harder than it needs to be. Michelle Anderson, founder of Clarinet Mentors, shows you some step-by-step pointers to improve these skills so that your high notes work better and feel more comfortable. Enter your name in the box to the right to instantly get your first high notes video lesson.

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