The Trafalgar School Band 2018/19

Students in grades 5 - 7 will enjoy all of the fun and tremendous learning that comes from playing musical instruments with their friends. Returning band students will likely begin the second week of school, and new students the third week. New students (if you didn't meet us in June), please sign up for an appointment to try out the available instruments and get full information about the band by filling out the form below.

New Band Families Please Sign Up For Band Information Here Before September 10th


How Your Children Can Enrich Their Learning Through Music

The Trafalgar Band is for students in Grades 5 - 7. This year, there will be a Beginning Band and a Senior Band. Playing an instrument with friends makes it a fun, team approach to creating great music.The Beginning Band will rehearse before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will do out best to avoid conflict with other school events, or perhaps have kids alternate a bit when there is a time conflict. The benefits to a child's brain development, confidence, stress reduction, and the social inclusion of band are a huge asset to our educational community.

The Trafalgar Band is run by a Parent's Group. Each student will have an instrument assessment with the band teachers to try all of the available instruments and determine which instrument would be the best fit for the student. We scheduled our main session in June, but hope to meet any new students who missed that meeting during the second week of September. Band will likely begin on Tuesday, Sept. 18th for the Junior Band. The Parent's Group is committed to allowing any students to join the band and has some scholarships available for families who request a reduced fee. Last year the fee for the entire year (66 classes plus concerts) was $350 (just over $5 per class). Band runs from September until June.

The band will be taught by a Trafalgar parent, Michelle Anderson, and her colleague Ellen Marple, both professional musicians and teachers. Michelle has more than 20 years of experience in teaching school band students. Ellen is an active professional teacher who works with many groups of students and loves to share her passion for music. She is a professional trombonist and is also running the wind band program at the Vancouver Academy of Music.



I am interested in the Trafalgar School Band

Please fill in your contact information here if you are interested in the school band. This will help us in our preliminary planning. You will have an opportunity to sign up for the program later, but we would love to know who is interested to help us plan. You will receive confirmation from Michelle Anderson at Clarinet Mastery (but it is Trafalgar Band Information)