Transform Your Clarinet Playing in 2020 - Deadline to register Jan. 17th

Michelle's new 6-Month Clarinet Transformation Program will offer you the opportunity to study extensively in a small group with Michelle during the next 6 months. This is the fastest way to improve your clarinet playing with a skilled guide to make significant improvement in the next year. Please note that is only available to the first 25 qualified people who register (8 spots remaining). This is an opportunity to transform your tone, boost your confidence and play the beautiful music you love while making it sound effortless (even though it’ll take a little effort to get you there... but your listeners will definitely thank you! :-)). Get to your next level of musical excellence and save dozens of hours of frustration with this 6 month program, designed just for you, that quickly shifts any of those bad habits (some you might not even be aware of) that make you sound less than your very best. Watch this video to discover how you can take part.


Imagine If You Could Transform All Of Your Clarinet Challenges Into Beautiful, Flowing, Music-Making...

  • Would you like to hear music that moves you coming out of your own clarinet, rather than just at concerts, or listening to recordings?
  • Would you like your tone to be more consistently beautiful?
  • Would you like to have access to quick solutions when you get frustrated with your music?
  • Would you like to stop wasting time practising, but not improving?
  • Would you like to feel more confident playing in front of others?
  • Would you like to have a solid sense of rhythm that feels easy and natural?
  • Would you like your fingers to move more easily and comfortably (and quickly) on the clarinet?
  • Would you like to know that you are working on the things that will actually help you improve (rather than continue to "improve" bad habits)?
  • Would you like to be able to sight-read and learn new music more quickly?
  • Do you have a dream of how you want to sound, but you don't know how to get there?

Imagine if you had a Clarinet Transformation Machine, like the one in the picture above that could transform your clarinet challenges, into clarinet solutions! I don't have a magical machine for you, but I do have the next best thing...

If You Want To Improve Your Clarinet Playing In the Shortest Time Possible, Join the 6-Month Personal Clarinet Transformation Program

This is most powerful way to transform your clarinet playing in the shortest time possible so that you sound better, feel better, and have someone to personally guide you through any challenges that you have along the way.


What you get in the 6-Month Clarinet Transformation Program:

1. Twenty-five (25) Live Small Group Coaching Sessions with Michelle Anderson, Founder of Clarinet Mentors (value $625)

This is your chance to get regular, personal feedback from Michelle. These will be weekly (or close to that, depending upon Michelle's performance schedule) online sessions where Michelle will give you the tools and resources to go from how you play now, to a much higher level of clarinet skill and confidence. Each of these sessions will be recorded, and your membership area will feature video replays of our sessions for your reference. Each lesson will have a focus, and there will be opportunities for you to have mini-lessons with Michelle, to ask questions and to hear special coaching sessions designed exclusively for your group. These sessions will usually be about an hour long, but there will be a range of 30 - minutes to 2 hours depending upon our theme for the week, and how many people are having a mini-lesson for that session.

2. Your Clarinet Transformation Online Membership Area (value $97)

All of the live sessions with Michelle will be recorded, and placed in a membership area for you to review whenever you want to refer back to our sessions. Michelle will also place music and worksheets, customized to you in your membership area. You can also write messages to Michelle in this membership area and interact with, and support, all of the other members in your group. These like-minded clarinetists will become some of your biggest cheerleaders, giving you the motivation and accountability that will help you to get great results during our time together.

3. Access to Three of Michelle's best clarinet courses that are aimed at beginning or returning clarinetists (value over $400)

To further support your Clarinet Transformation, you will be granted access to The Healthy Clarinetist, Clarinet Is Easy, and The Easy Rhythm Method. These self-study courses give you many hours of videos, worksheets and practical lessons that you can continue working on after our 6 month program is complete. Michelle may assign homework to the group from these courses, and will show you how to use these courses to get the best results during our time together.  If you already have any of these courses, you likely have a head start on some of our learning, but we will go deeper together as we select lessons that best support your development.

Total Value of the Clarinet Transformation Program = more than $1,125 USD

Your Tuition (if you are one of the 25 participants selected)  $597 USD (monthly payment plan also available)


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