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Hi Everyone,

We had an amazing session today (October 8, 2016) - over 80 clarinetists from all over the world. There is so much to learn from the great clarinetists who took part here. We also answered many questions about reeds, mouthpieces, high notes, right hand pain, faster fingers, and many common clarinet issues. 

Two things to note

1) As a thank you to all of you who attended live (and those who watch soon), I have a special offer to you. I am launching my new Better Clarinet Articulation Course. I think there are some amazing lessons here to help you to play the clarinet better. Click the blue button above for details.

2) I mentioned several other things that would be useful, so here are a bunch of related videos that you might find helpful:

Other training resources mentioned in today’s masterclass:
Better Clarinet Technic (fingers/hand position)

arm/wrist position:

left thumb position:

right hand position:

left hand position:

thumb/right hand sore:

Also, try the free preview videos from my full Faster Clarinet Fingering course here:

Better Clarinet Technic - rhythm practise and

B Key out of adjustment (?)

Resonator Fingers:

Reeds - adjusting/choosing
What strength of reed should you use:

What brand of reed should you use?

How to improve a warped reed:

How to place reeds better on the clarinet:

How to adjust reeds to improve them:


Super Long Tone Workout - - good huffing/long tone warmup

Lots of good preview videos from the Better Clarinet Tone Course here: