Do you want to play clarinet more easily and avoid the most common mistakes that make performers frustrated, fingers slow, and tone squawky?

  • Would you like better tone, faster fingers, easier tonguing and more confidence while playing clarinet? 
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Join the Clarinet Mentors Community, and you will have instant access to online educational videos, as well as receive the monthly Clarinet Mentors newsletter. Each issue will have valuable tips and pointers to improve your clarinet playing. Learn how you can:
  • Have the sound flow out of your instrument (without squeaks and squawks)
  • Play high notes easily, with good tone
  • Develop super-speedy finger technic
  • Adjust and choose reeds that make it easier to play
  • Have a confident sense of rhythm, and have a system for learning harder rhythms

Michelle Anderson, the founder of Clarinet Mentors has been a professional teacher and performer for 30 years. One of her specialities is to help adults and mature students learn to play clarinet quickly, competently, and in a fun and enjoyable manner. Here are the common problems that people have can easily be improved with a proper system for learning:

  • Don’t let hard fingerings frustrate you to the point where you avoid music with too many sixteenth notes
  • Don’t like your tone quality? A few simple things can drastically improve it
  • Does your tonguing feel awkward, especially when it is really fast or in the high register? You can improve it quickly
  • Have you been told that you don’t have a musical bone in your body, or that you are too old to play an instrument? (Tell that to all of my fabulous star students who started, or returned to the instrument, as Seniors, and now enjoy regular performances with local community bands and chamber ensembles.)


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