Easy Tools To Sound Better On Clarinet

Most of us have a beautiful clarinet sound in our imagination. How do we make our own sound reach that? There are some basic habits and trainings that we need that can really help. Enjoy this video from the Better Clarinet Tone course (which has lots of helpful hints, including a 30-Day Workout program to have you sounding much better in a month).

Want Better Tone in 30 Days? Join Better Clarinet Tone Today
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Comes with easy to follow video lessons

You will find videos that you can work through at your own pace on the following subjects:

  • Air Support - a few of these exercises can have you sounding better within a couple of weeks
  • Embouchure - Do you have any bad habits that are making it harder to play? Find out here.
  • Equipment - Have you wondered if you have outgrown your mouthpiece, reeds, or even your whole clarinet? This is your guide to knowing when (and how) to upgrade your gear
  • Bonus Repertoire - some beautiful music with pointers on how you can sound your best
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30-Day Tone Warm-ups

Would you enjoy having a step-by-step set of warm-ups (with clear directions) that you can do every day for a month to really improve how you sound, and how easy it feels to play clarinet? You'll find it in Better Clarinet Tone!

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