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Free Mini Clarinet Course Here For Beginning to Intermediate Clarinetists

Do you want to have better tone? Easier high notes? Play the music you love better?

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If you find that sound coming out of your clarinet is not as beautiful as you would like, you are not alone! In 5 mini-lessons, Michelle Anderson will help you to learn some better habits that should improve your sound within a week. More importantly, you will have some tools and knowledge that will speed up your progress to Better Clarinet Tone.

Almost all clarinetists feel frustrated playing high notes. They are out of tune, they don't work, they squeak, they are hard to play softly. Those high notes reveal where we are missing some fundamental clarinet skills. The good news for you is that they are very learnable.

Do your fingers not move fast enough? Or you can't play certain finger patterns in your music? Do you have a system for improving how easily and quickly your fingers move? This course has two sets of 30-Day Workouts designed to help your clarinet technic improve in a short time.

Do You Want To Play Clarinet Better Next Week? If you find that your clarinet tone or response is challenging when you are tonguing, you are not alone! In 5 mini-lessons, Michelle Anderson will help you to learn some better habits that should improve your sound within a week.

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Are you an intermediate to advanced player?

The Better Clarinet Tone and Faster Clarinet Fingers may be good courses for you. You can also get some samples here of the Mastering Clarinet Music Club

Would you like to ask an expert your clarinet questions regularly?

Clarinet Mastery Live Trainings are available to clarinetists where you'll join Michelle for twice monthly live, online, clarinet masterclasses. All participants can ask Michelle any clarinet question they wish during the call. This is your chance for specialized feedback on your clarinet questions. Each session, a few members are featured in a mini clarinet lesson to get more detailed feedback from Michelle, and for all of us to learn from their challenges and solutions. This is Michelle's most valuable training since you get direct, live feedback, and you join a very active community of like-minded clarinetists. 

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"In my late 50’s, after decades of desire, I finally decided to start learning to play the clarinet. But with my busy and unpredictable schedule, I did not have time to commit to regular lessons. I started practicing on my own and soon experienced issues and needed help. I searched the internet and encountered Michelle Anderson’s clarinet lesson and community website. As I viewed her videos on YouTube it became apparent very quickly that she was a top professional clarinetist who had a tremendous gift for teaching. Having many decades of experience in teaching students, she knows how to explain and demonstrate principles effectively so the student can internalize them. She imparts the fundamentals and creates the foundation for good (lifelong) technique. Through her How To Play Clarinet More Easily course I am continuing to experience an ongoing process of improvement in all dimensions of playing - tone, high notes, articulation, fingering, rhythm…. Her lessons opened my eyes to the vital importance of “fast air” to make good sound. She showed me how to achieve a good embouchure. She answered many of my nagging questions such as why I was “getting squeaks” and why at times it seemed “difficult to blow”. I even found answers to questions concerning reeds and mouthpieces. Finally, and maybe most importantly, I find her lessons highly enjoyable and I look forward to future sessions with her videos. Thank you, Michelle, for what you are giving to me."

Laurie Balagurchik MD FACP CAPT, MC, USN
(Retired) (30 years US Navy)

"I can heartily recommend Michelle Anderson’s online clarinet courses. I have taken two that she has offered, and I was lucky enough to be included in two master classes. If your busy lifestyle precludes private live lessons, you will appreciate the help that Michelle can offer you on the internet. "

Murray S. Feldstein, M.D.

"Having taught myself to play the clarinet, and played by ear for several years, I taught myself to read music. I still needed to have an idea of how the tune went before the dots made sense to me. Eventually I came across a few videos on YouTube from Michelle Anderson of Clarinet Mentors. There was no talking down, and everything she said was positive, and offered on a try it and see if it fits basis. When she began her new course I signed up immediately, 30 day money back guarantee, what could I lose. Lose? Within the first few days I was changing the way I blew from breathing into the instrument, to blowing with fast air and bringing in the corners of my mouth to form a proper embouchure. Add to that being taught how to count complicated rhythms more easily, and I now can play things that I would never even have attempted before. I have seen online tuition where the price is far higher per year than Michelle asks for a one off payment. These sites talk about pedagogy and how they are experts. Not once have I heard this lady boast about how good she is or what qualifications she has, she just plays, and allows the music to speak for her. I will never regret signing up for this course, I play better, sound better, have more confidence about people hearing me, and I owe it all to Clarinet Mentors and the wise guidance of a very talented teacher. I emailed her a question one evening, I had an email reply in my in box the next morning. If you really want to learn to play clarinet, you owe it to yourself to sign up for Mrs Anderson’s course, all you can lose are bad playing habits."

Michael Cranshaw