Better Clarinet Tone and Faster Fingers - Save $20

Get all of the great benefits from both the Better Clarinet Tone course and the Faster Clarinet Fingers course together. Save $20.

Better Clarinet Tone presents the most important things that you need to know to sound better on clarinet, and fix the most common tone frustrations. This includes:

  • Several hours of video content designed to teach you everything you need to know to produce good clarinet tone, while getting rid of common clarinet frustrations
  • Valuable downloadable worksheets
  • 30-Day Tone Workouts - This is the exact system you need, in 10 - 15 minutes a day, to enjoy clear improvements on your clarinet in the next month
  • Bonus repertoire: Rose Etudes with bar-by-bar instruction from Michelle on how you can use your new tone technics to play beautiful music

100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - Try the tone course and the faster fingers course, and if they are not right for you, I will refund your tuition.


Faster Clarinet Fingers presents some of the best systems to improve your finger technic on the clarinet. After learning these systems, you will find that you have:

  • much faster finger technic - improve your speed as you move around the clarinet
  • much quicker ability to learn new music that has hard fingerings
  • a base level of finger patterns that allows you to sight-read more easily
  • less injury to hands and wrists
  • smoother sound as you move between notes
  • 30 Days of easy-to-follow exercises to help ingrain the best habits for lifelong learning on the clarinet