Apr 2017 - Do you know the best ways to learn your clarinet music?

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April 22, 2017
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Opera festival for me
  • Free Training - Mastering Clarinet Music - Do you know these strategies for learning music faster and playing more expressively?
  • Michelle Recommends - Classical Fingers - This device can really help to improve your finger speed and comfort​​​​​​​
  • Further Clarinet Training - Michelle's step-by-step clarinet courses all designed to help you learn much faster and play more easily - sample videos for you now

Hello From Michelle Anderson

Hello  !
Welcome to the Clarinet Mentors newsletter, and I thank you for being a part of this wonderful, worldwide, community of enthusiastic clarinetists. It is very exciting to be part of a group of thousands of clarinetist from around the world, who all enjoy making music.
I am currently deeply involved in the Vancouver Opera's Festival, which has three major operas with orchestra, and several related smaller events over the course of the next few weeks. I am performing in the Marriage of Figaro, and Dead Man Walking. You may have seen the movie version of Dead Man Walking, and the stage version is equally powerful. I am looking forward to opening night next week.
Easter eggs and bunny photo
We hosted our annual Great Easter Egg Hunt with neighbourhood kids last weekend, and had an epic hunt. This involved some epic Easter Egg colouring as well. Lots of fun! They even found the eggs that were high in trees, and in the blackberry bushes.
In another type of celebration, I am giving a away a new mini clarinet course to all of you, which I think will really help you learn your music faster and better. Please see details in the Free Training Section below.
Thanks for being part of this community, and I look forward to the chance to meet you either in person, or live "via computer" sometime soon.


I love interacting with members of the Clarinet Mentors community, and have realized that many of you are learning mostly on your own when it comes to developing your clarinet skills. In fact, you likely discovered Clarinet Mentors through a YouTube video or similar source. There are so many clarinet pointers that make it easier to play. Hopefully you are getting many of these through this newsletter.
I have realized that one of the hardest things do to "on your own" is to discover new music, and more importantly, have a set of strategies to learn it in the best way. There are many ways of practising and learning a new piece of music that save hours of time, help us progress faster, and really bring out the expression of the music. With that in mind, I have been working for several months on the Mastering Clarinet Music Club. I want to share some of my favourite music with you, and also the strategies that myself (and my keen students) use to learn this music quickly, and well.
I am finally ready to share this with all of you. The full Mastering Clarinet Music Club has a new set of music and lessons every month so that you learn a full range of different practise strategies. I have created a free mini version of this course for you, so that you can learn some of these things right away. Instead of one video, you get a whole mini course with sheet music and lessons. If you enjoy it, and want to learn more, you can register for the full course. There is a very special Grand Opening Discount until May 1st, so I suggest you try out the sample course right away. (By the way, this will include a chance to be a part of two monthly Clarinet Mastery Live Training sessions a month where you can ask me any clarinet questions that you have. The only way to be included in this right now is to join the club by May 1st.)

Michelle Recommends - ​​​​​​​Classical Fingers - Use this tool to drastically improve how your fingers move on the clarinet
Most clarinetists do not realize how much their finger technic and speed can be hampered by simply moving their fingers too much. We all do it, especially when the music is challenging. I have often held a pencil an inch or so above someone fingers, and asked them to play. I'll tell them if a finger hits my pencil, they know they are moving too much. It really helps! They immediately start to keep their fingers closer to the holes, which produces a more relaxed set of fingers, better accuracy on covering holes, and all of this leads to much faster fingers (without as much stress on muscles and tendons).
Unfortunately, I'm not available to hold my pencil over your clarinet every time that you practise (and likely those in your home would quickly tire of this position). Luckily, there is a tool that simply and easily does it for you. Classical Fingers! I love this device. In fact, I created a video for you about it. I include some of my tips for good fingering habits, so it is well worth watching. I highly recommend that try using this to improve your own clarinet technic.

Thanks for being a part of my clarinet community!

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