New training to make your highest notes sound better, plus reeds and other things "clarinety"


In this issue:

  • Hello From Michelle Anderson - Happy Equinox
  • You're Invited - Clarinet Question and Answer Session - free live clarinet training for you in 4 days
  • Free Training - How to improve tone in your altissimo (highest clarinet register)
  • More Free Training - Five pointers to playing clarinet high notes more easily (the basics)
  • Michelle Recommends - Silverstein Alta Reeds - comes with a guarantee that you can send back unplayable reeds
  • Further Clarinet Trainings - Did you know that Michelle offers several detailed courses to help you play clarinet more easily? Many of them have a systematic 30-Day Workout plan for you to have clear improvement in a month

Hello From...
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High Notes Part 3 - What to do with your tongue ...

Sent Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clarinet Mentors
For clarinetists who want to perform more easily and beautifully
In This Issue                                 January 16, 2014                      
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - My New Year's Clarinet Resolutions
  • Free Training - High Notes 101: Part 3 - How your tongue affects high notes, and a finger technic to help your altissimo register respond better
  • Michelle Recommends - Virtual Sheet Music - download many great clarinet solos and ensembles with play-along recordings and sheet music
  • Clarinet Is Easy -...
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Squeak! Ack! - Help for your highest notes!

Sent Thursday, December 12, 2013

Clarinet Mentors
For clarinetists who want to perform more easily and beautifully
In This Issue                                    December 12, 2013        
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Concerts galore for me this month...
  • Free Training - How to improve your altissimo range (those really high notes)
  • Michelle Recommends - Jonathan Cohler's new CD - Romanza
  • Clarinet Is Easy - Complete how-to lessons for beginners and self-taught intermediate players - December Special - 2 for 1! - Gift a friend with a complete course that helps you (and your friend) to...
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High, high notes can be much easier...

Sent Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For clarinetists who want to perform more easily and beautifully

In This Issue
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - September - a return to regular performing and practising
  • Clarinet Tips - How to play high notes (really high notes) more easily
  • Free Training - Video to help you improve your extreme high range
  • Michelle Recommends -Clarinet Fingerings - a great resource for altissimo fingerings

A Note from Michelle Anderson

Hello Everyone,

A big welcome to all of you who are reading the Clarinet Mentors newsletter for the first time. Many people have signed up for this newsletter from our Facebook community, and I hope you enjoy the bi-weekly tips and pointers that you will find here.


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