Clarinet Live Session Replay - Great clarinet discussion for you to enjoy

Sent Thursday, May 4, 2017


Last week, I invited everyone in the Clarinet Mentors Community to attend a live online training session with me. We had a great time!

I promised to send out a video replay since many people were unable to attend in person.  I presented a mini lesson on how I approach learning a new piece of music, and then we had a great Question and Answer session. Just take a look at the list of questions below!

You can watch the whole video or just the parts that interest you...just click on the picture below.


This session started with Michelle teaching some technics for learning new music. You can download the sheet music here:

Part 1: How To Learn New Music (using Mozart's Andante Grazioso as our sample piece)

5:30 - how to play challenging leaps or intervals

8:15 - a great breathing technic

12:30 - finger technique - how to help fingers coordinate and play faster

17:15 - how can we play more expressively

22:50 - how to improve rhythm and expression

Part 2: Q&A from participants

28:30 - right & left hand pinkies - How can I get them to work more easily?

31:55 - How do I produce great tone on the clarinet?

34:30 - Discussion of how clarinet mouthpieces affect sound

41:25 - My right hand hurts when I play, how do I fix this?

35:55 - What makes a good clarinet embouchure?

36:56 - Discussion of digital recorders

37:15 - I have an air leak when I play. Is this a problem?

38:44 - I have trouble tuning, especially with string instruments. How should I fix this?

40:11 - How do you teach clarinet students to use better air support?

41:30 - More discussion of sore right hand and thumb

45:55 - B key doesn't seem to work.

51:06 - fingering of repetitive & fast B, A, Bb - how to play those awkward left hand notes quickly

53:07 - tonguing basics

55:40 - How can we sight read music better, especially in a band?

60 min - playing by memory - Should I do it?

1:02:33 - more B key discussion and challenges of crossing the break

1:04:37 - clarinet repertoire for College audition

1:10:15 - brief tour of the Mastering Clarinet Music Club

1:12:26 - What are some good clarinet lessons for a beginner?

1:14:04 - What are some good courses for more advanced clarinetists?

1:14:42 - How can I play Rossini's Theme and Variations better? (and other fast fingering music)

I hope you enjoy the clarinet training, and that it helps you to play clarinet more easily!


Find the video replay here.

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