Dec 2016 - Amazing Clarinet Live Trainings now available to watch

Amazing Clarinet Live Trainings now available to watch!

Sent Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had two amazing Clarinet Mentors live online training events yesterday, with over 60 clarinetists from more than 10 countries all together in our online community. It was awesome! I know that some of you could not attend live, but are interested in learning from our session together.

We had about 5 clarinetists volunteering for a mini lesson in each session. We can learn so much from other players. You will likely relate to some of the challenges that they experience, and learn from them. One of my best teachers, Bil Jackson, used to encourage his students to make deals to sit in on each others' lessons to observe, and learn. I remember doing this a bit with my clarinetist friend Rob, who now plays in the Cleveland Orchestra. (He's a fabulously talented player, who works hard, and he got to watch lots of bad habits being fixed when I played!) I want you to learn from these brave clarinetists who brought some great clarinet challenges to our session to share with you.

You can find the replay videos here:

Some of the questions that I answered include:

"How can I make my highest notes sound better, especially when I am playing softly?"
"What is a recommended practise routine if I am playing for 1 hour?"
"How do I slur from high notes to low notes without squeaking?"
"How can I best use a metronome?"
"How can I make my (throat tone) Bb sound better?"
"How can I tongue more quickly?" and more...

I really hope you enjoy these training sessions. I'll be offering more Clarinet Mastery Live Trainings in January. (If you want to enjoy 5 months of live training with me, I am including it as a bonus for anyone who registers in my Mastering Clarinet High Notes course before Dec. 23rd - offer now expired. It has been my most popular clarinet training program, and will really help you to play high notes more comfortably.)

I hope to see you all on my Clarinet Mastery Live Trainings in 2017! I wish you a most Happy Holiday Season!


PS - If you just want to jump right to the checkout page for Mastering Clarinet High Notes since you know you want to get better, and there is a 100%, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to let you check it out thoroughly, just go here:

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