Feb 2017 - 30 Clarinet Questions answered for you by 2 experts!

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Feb. 16th, 2017
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Clarinet connections
  • Free Training - 30 Clarinet Questions Answered by 2 Experts - Recording of myself and Sean Perrin, of the Clarineat Podcast, from our Live Clarinet Broadcast
  • Michelle Recommends - Clarineat - Many useful clarinet resources for you to enjoy
  • Clarinet Mentors Live Event - Experience the power of this amazing live, learning experience - So Exciting!!!
  • Further Clarinet Training - Michelle's step-by-step clarinet courses all designed to help you learn much faster and play more easily - sample videos for you now

Hello From Michelle Anderson
Hello  !
Thanks for being a part of the Clarinet Mentors worldwide community. I feel blessed to be a part of the greater clarinet community right now, and have many recent an upcoming events that emphasize this. I attended a great masterclass last night with the amazing clarinetist David Krakauer (http://davidkrakauer.com). If you haven't heard him play, he is an amazingly versatile performer. I saw him play this morning with pianist Kathleen Tagg, and they exude musicality, rhythm, and vitality when they perform. I would call it meditative funk, klezmer, jazz, Brazilian, and every other descriptor (all good) music. Very inspiring!
Clarinetist David Krakauer and Pianist Kathleen Tagg
You probably received an invitation to our live interactive clarinet broadcast last weekend with myself, and Sean Perrin, the host of the Clarineat Podcast. You will find the replay and a list of all of the questions that we answered below. What a fun session! My thanks to all of you who tuned in live from all over the world.
I am so excited about our Clarinet Mentors Live Event in Nashville, March 9th - 11th. Our group of amateur adult clarinetists of all levels will get up close and personal in interactive sessions with world-class players Ricardo Morales, Corrado Giufreddi, John Schertle and David Shifrin (one of my childhood clarinet heroes). You can still register. I'd love to see you there.
Thanks for being part of this community, and I look forward to the chance to meet you either in person, or live "via computer" sometime soon.

Free Training: More Than 30 Clarinet Questions Answered by 2 Clarinet Experts - the Clarineat/Clarinet Mentors Live Clarinet Broadcast - Feb. 11th, 2017
We had a fabulous Live Clarinet Broadcast with about 70 members of the Clarinet Mentors Community, hosted by myself, and Sean Perrin of the Clarineat Podcast. Sean and I managed to answer over 30 questions in a discussion that included clarinet tone, high notes, faster finger technic, reeds, ligatures, and Harry's cats.
I know many of you could not make it live, but wanted to hear the answers to these questions. I've prepared a timeline for you so can find the questions you like most easily:
4:55 How do I do jaw vibrato on the clarinet?
10:20  What music (method books) are good to use for someone who is just getting back into clarinet playing after many years?
Links for music from the Clarineat site:
Galper: https://amzn.to/2kHCAyr
Klose: https://amzn.to/2kHP9tH
Baermann: https://amzn.to/2kuVGHr
Opperman: https://amzn.to/2kHJ0Of
Interview with Peter Stoll about the Royal Conservatory Clarinet books: https://clarineat.com/episode-13-peter-stoll-and-derek-chui-of-the-royal-conservatory-of-music/

14:08  Ho do I articulate clearly, especially in the clarion register?
18:52  How do I improve pitch and tuning?
23:44  How do I prevent the "growl" or "kazoo" sound when I am trying to play high notes?
High Notes 101: https://youtu.be/99cC_wS4_6E
Part 3: voicing and half-hole: https://youtu.be/Fl9tm7pHzBQ

27:16  Should I always swab my clarinet and put it away, even if I am going to use it later the same day?
30:03  What is the best way to break in a new reed?
31:39  Reed case discussion
32:08  How do we breathe efficiently in long passages with no results (Like Rose Etude #4)?
33:52  Artistic breathing as a strategy in Rose Studies
35:17  Why do my notes above high C (altissimo) sound harsh and sharp?
Related video: Part 2: altissimo: https://youtu.be/EyKrRs_Q8yU
38:05  What are the pros and cons of adjustable barrels?
40:29  Tuning rings
40:47  What are your opinions on the Klose and Baermann clarinet methods?
41:53  How do you practise difficult passages and what is a good approach?
Related videos: finger patterns:  https://youtu.be/85oHSM1LcFI
Working backwards: https://youtu.be/WzaEqLjDjDw

43:54  What do you do when you have way more music than time available to practise?
47:08  I often get a "tha" sound when I start a note.  It is not the same sound as a grunt.  It is especially noticable when I have to begin a note softly.  I suspect I am not doing something proper with my  breath or my  tongue, but I cant seem to figure out how to start a note completely cleanly.  Any suggestions what to try?
Articulation discussion
50:56  What do you think of plastic reeds?
(Discussion of Legere European Cut reeds)
Interview with Tim Elvy of Legere: https://clarineat.com/s01e15/
58:28  When purchasing a new clarinet for an intermediate player who only plays for own pleasure, what are some things to consider when making a selection?
1:00:44 What's happening with the Clarinet Cruise?
1:01:32  Clarinet Live Event with masterclasses Nashville March 9 - 11, 2017
1:03:16   What is your opinion on Silverstein ligatures?
1:03:47 Also recommended: BG Duo ligatures
1:04:30 Also recommended Peter Spriggs floating rail ligature
1:04:40 After playing using the register key is it common for the clarinet to remain high for a couple of notes sometimes. Is it me or the clarinet, or can it just happen?
1:07:44  What is the best material for clarinet pads?
1:08:44  Discussion about therapeutic aspects of music and injury prevention
1:10:11 What is the Reed Geek?
1:10:47  What type of reed case do you recommend? (many recommended including Bambu and D'Addario)
1:11:31  How do Legere reeds compare to other reed strengths?
1:12:10  Harry's cats
1:13:13  How to support the Clarineat Podcast
1:13:18  Links to free clarinet lessons

Michelle Recommends - ​​​​​​​Clarineat - Many great clarinet resources for you.
My co-host in today's live training, Sean Perrin, has a great website for clarinetists at www.clarineat.com. It has links to the many clarinet interviews he has created with the Clarineat podcast, as well as product reviews, and clarinet news. There are also links to clarinet supplies that you can purchase, with partial proceeds supporting the podcast which Sean does all on his own for the clarinet community.

Clarinet Mentors Live Event
I am very excited to announce that the very first live, in-person Clarinet Mentors event is happening in conjunction with the Backun International Clarinet Competition March 9 -11, 2017. We have been invited to host a special Clarinet Mentors event designed for you, the enthusiastic amateur clarinetist, AND we get access to all of the amazing events at the Backun International Clarinet Competition. It is like a 2-for-1 clarinet extravaganza!
Just announced! Some of the world's greatest clarinet artists will be joining the Clarinet Mentors group for our very own masterclasses and fireside chats. Whooo-Hooo! This includes David Shifrin, Ricardo Morales, John Schertle and Corrado Giufreddi. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with and learn from these clarinet masters (who are also really nice guys).
When I reflect upon where I have learned the most in my life, it has usually been at intense live events like this. The summer musical programs for me (such as the Aspen Music Festival) which combined lessons, concerts and masterclasses probably accounted for about 80% of my "clarinet breakthroughs". All the months in between, where I had the odd lesson and worked on my own, made up the rest. These live events can really fast-track our progress. I want you to experience this power and have a clarinet breakthrough for yourself.
To discover more about this event, please click here for full details.
This event includes at least four live Clarinet Mentors masterclasses, where participants get mini lessons with Michelle and our special guests. There will be special clarinet ensembles led by Michelle, chances to try out incredible clarinet gear, and access to view a competition with some of the clarinet world's rising stars. There will also be some "fireside chats" with some of the world's greatest clarinet players.
The recitals are amazing and include world-class players such as David Shifrin, Ricardo Morales, Corrado Giufreddi, Wonkak Kim, James Zimmerman, and more. Click here for details. The concerts alone make this event worth attending!

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