Feb 2017 - 30 Clarinet Questions answered for you by 2 experts!

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Feb. 16th, 2017
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Clarinet connections
  • Free Training - 30 Clarinet Questions Answered by 2 Experts - Recording of myself and Sean Perrin, of the Clarineat Podcast, from our Live Clarinet Broadcast
  • Michelle Recommends - Clarineat - Many useful clarinet resources for you to enjoy
  • Clarinet Mentors Live Event - Experience the power of this amazing live, learning experience - So Exciting!!!
  • Further Clarinet Training - Michelle's step-by-step clarinet courses all designed to help you learn much faster and play more easily - sample videos for you now

Hello From Michelle Anderson
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2016-03-22 Aggghh! My clarinet reed sucks! - Here's how you can improve it

Aggghh! My clarinet reed sucks! - Here's how you can improve it Sent Tuesday, March 22, 2016 View as plaintext

Clarinet Mentors
For clarinetists who want to perform more easily and beautifully
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March 22, 2016                     
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Hello and Aloha!
  • Free Training - Reeds! - Can you get them to play better (before you turn them into kindling)? -  Here are some suggestions to improve your existing reeds
  • Michelle Recommends -Clarineat - a new...
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