May 2013 - Thumbs Up! (your left one, this time...)

Thumbs Up! (your left one, this time...)

Sent Saturday, May 4, 2013

Clarinet Mentors
For clarinetists who want to perform more easily and beautifully
In This Issue                                           May 3, 2013                       
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Cantando Festival in Whistler
  • Free Training - Improve finger technic by changing your left thumb position
  • Michelle Recommends - The International Clarinet Organization
  • Clarinet Is Easy - Step-by-step video lessons to help you improve your clarinet playing and save you a lot of time and frustration
A Note from Michelle Anderson

Hello Everyone!

I hope your springtime is going well (if you are in the northern hemisphere, otherwise, I hope autumn is going well). Vancouver is in full bloom,...

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