What you likely don't know about taking care of your clarinet...

Hello from Michelle Anderson of Clarinet Mentors


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Hello From Michelle - Do you want to hear 2 Eb Clarinets with Clarinet Choir? (Or, How I Spent My Summer Holidays...)

Free Training - 6 Things You May Not Know About Taking Care of Your Clarinet - These pointers will help your clarinet play better and last longer

Michelle Recommends - Vocalise Mouthpieces - special coupon until Aug. 30 for you

Further Clarinet Trainings - Did you know that Michelle offers several detailed courses to help you play clarinet more easily? Many of them have a systematic 30-Day Workout plan for you to have clear improvement in a month

Hello From Michelle

Hello to all clarinetists in the Clarinet Mentors Community! Today's newsletter has some great pointers on clarinet maintenance, with some that will likely be new to you. At Clarinet Celebration in Portland, Morrie Backun gave a...

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