Here's what scared me on the clarinet recently

Hello from Michelle Anderson of Clarinet Mentors


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Hello From Michelle - This both scared me and helped me

New! Clarinet Mentors 2020 Clarinet Community - a great free resource to support you in 2020

Free Training - Whisper Technic for More Resonate Tone and Smoother Playing

Beginning and Newly-Returned Clarinetists: Here is a special opportunity just for you to radically accelerate your clarinet progress in 2020 - only 8 spots left.

Further Clarinet Trainings - Did you know that Michelle offers several detailed courses to help you play clarinet more easily? Many of them have a systematic 30-Day Workout plan for you to notice clear improvement in a month

Clarinet Mentors App - Do you have any Clarinet Mentors courses? Now you can easily watch them on your mobile devices.

Hello From Michelle!

I'm sending a warm greeting to all clarinetists in the ...

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2012-10-31 [Clarinet] Tone Tune-Up Tool

2012 tone whisper technic Oct 31, 2012

[Clarinet] Tone Tune-Up Tool Sent Wednesday, October 31, 2012 View as plaintext

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In This Issue                                           October 31, 2012                          
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson -  Happy Halloween
  • Clarinet Tips - You asked for help with tone
  • Free Training - How the "whisper technic" can improve resonance and smoothness in your playing
  • Free Teleseminar - Join me on a live call to ask your clarinet questions
  • Michelle Recommends - A great online site for clarinet music
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A Note from Michelle Anderson


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