Oct 2016 - Watch our masterclass recorded replay until Monday night!

Watch our masterclass recorded replay until Monday night!

Sent Sunday, October 9, 2016

We had an amazing, online Clarinet Mentors masterclass today with over 85 clarinetists from at least 15 countries. I lost count, but it was truly an amazing experience. We had many questions that I answered, which you can view on this video. There were also many questions that flew by that people answered for each other. Some of the ideas that were shared were very helpful! Thanks so much to all of you who attended live and in-person.
I realize that many of you were busy, and unable to attend live. I would love for you to be able to watch and enjoy everything that we did. We covered so many topics - reeds, mouthpieces, tonguing high notes, finger positions, finger technic, tone, altissimo notes, ligatures, fingering charts, barrels (and I'm sure I'm forgetting some things!). We also had some live mini lessons to try and help clarinetists who were brave enough to play in front of everyone. So much to learn!
I am putting up the recording, with a special message at the end until Monday evening. This live event, for me, celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful to be connected to such a vibrant, interested, smart group of clarinetists that you are a part of. It also celebrates the launch of my new course, Better Clarinet Articulation (which you can preview, for free at www.betterclarinetarticulation.com). I went a little crazy and piled on a bunch of extra bonuses to anyone who watches the webinar and orders before Monday. This is my super-duper, grand opening, special, and all these extra things go away (like our turkey) on Monday evening. 
Please enjoy the masterclass in its recorded version here:
You will also hear me discuss several other videos that may be related to some of the questions we discussed. I've added a full listing of those topics, and related videos for you to enjoy at the bottom of the replay page.
I hope you enjoy these great resources, and I encourage you to peek at the super-duper offer before it goes away!
Enjoy your clarinet, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian Clarinet Pals!
PS - Congratulations to Kyle, who won the whole super-duper door prize in the live masterclass, valued at $197 - membership into Better Clarinet Articulation, Clarinet Mastery - Fix That Clarinet Problem, and 2 months of the unreleased Clarinet Mastery Monthly Club. Whoo-Hooo! Lynda also won a copy of Faster Clarinet Fingers, just because she was there and asking great questions (at the time of my pre-programmed random door prize).

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