Oct 2017 - Keep your hands and fingers in shape much longer

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October 11, 2017 
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
  • Free Training - The Biggest Health Complaint from Clarinetists? - Hand/Finger problems! - Here is a comprehensive look at one set of tools that can help
  • Free Training for Clarinet Teachers (but also great advice for players too) - Michelle's presentation on How To Teach Clarinet More Effectively
  • Michelle Recommends - BG Brace Comfort Strap
  • Further Clarinet Training - If you just want to scroll to the bottom and find out how Michelle can help you play more easily with her step-by-step courses, jump here

Hello From Michelle Anderson

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New Resources for Teachers (and Students)

Sent Tuesday, October 25, 2016


For clarinetists who want to perform more easily and beautifully

In This Issue
  • A Note From Michelle Anderson - Do you know the way to San Jose?
  • Free Training - Clarinet For Teachers -14 videos on how to teach clarinet better (and non-teachers can learn some good pointers too)
  • Michelle Recommends - Légère European cut Signature reeds
  • Better Clarinet Articulation - a new clarinet course designed to help you "go deeper" in refining your clarinet playing (free previews now available)
  • Upcoming Clarinet Events -Clarinet Mentors Festival in March, and Clarinet Cruise in 2018
  • Further Clarinet Training - Michelle's step-by-step clarinet courses all designed to help you learn much...
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